Food and Drink

We are open from 10:00 to 3:00 from Monday to Saturday. Every day we create a board of "specials" alongside our standard daytime menu.

We aim to offer a range of interesting modern and seasonal food. We get our meats from local butchers - North End butcher at Leasingham Manor farm shop - and also vegetables from the farm shop. We buy or fish from Nottingham Seafoods and Waitrose. We buy our salads and some veg from Waitrose.

We use free range organic eggs at all times. We make our own Lincolnshire Plum Loaf to our own recipe.

See our Instagram page for food and other images

For our Local Authority Food Hygiene inspection we achieved a maximum 5 star rating.

We can cater for special diets as we tend to produce all of our food in-house.

Food allergies, intolerance and other preferences: when ordering or booking please make us aware of any issues that we need to consider when preparing your food.

We have a selection of hot and cold drinks. Our coffee is always freshly ground 'bean to cup'. We have a small range of good wines and a  range of local micro-brewery beers.

Please note! We don't have a deep fat fryer, we don't have a microwave and we don't buy frozen factory ready-made meals or cake-mixes.

Our menu will change from time to time but for the present this is what we offer:-

Daily Specials

See “specials” board for daily home made specials

Warm Snacks

(All served with side salad & vinaigrette)

Lincolnshire premium pork sausage baguette £4.90

Warm Goat’s cheese baguette with Curio chutney £4.50

Lincolnshire ham, cheese sauce & cheese toast £4.90

Open sandwich of sautéed mushrooms, rocket and cheese £4.50

Beefburger & spicy coleslaw in a brioche bun £6.50


(All sandwiches with side salad & vinaigrette)

Lincolnshire ham & mild mustard mayo sandwich £4.20

Lincolnshire Smoked Poacher cheese and home made chutney sandwich £3.90

Roast & marinated vegetables in a ciabatta roll £4.20

We also have a daily "sandwich of the day"

Desserts & Cakes (See desserts board for more)

French sweet pastries (chocolate or raisin or plain) £1.80

Homemade Lincolnshire plum bread £1.80

Hot Drinks

Fresh ground "bean to cup" Americano, Cappuccino, Latte or Espresso all £1.80 per cup (Fair trade coffee)

Breakfast tea £1.20 per cup

Earl Grey tea £1.30 per cup

Herbal tea £1.30 per cup

Pot of tea (Earl Grey, Breakfast, Herbal) £1.50

Hot chocolate £1.80

Mocha £2.00


Cold drinks

Belvoir Vale Pressées £2.50

Fentiman’s organic Curiosity Cola, Dandelion & Burdock,

Victorian Lemonade or Ginger Beer £2.50

Frobisher’s pure fruit Juices £2.50

Still or sparkling water (small) £1.20

Please note - we are also licensed to sell alcoholic drinks and have a range of beers, wines and spirits